Why choose a watertight concrete ring over a standard one?

Why choose a watertight concrete ring over a standard one?

When it comes to choosing which type of concrete manhole ring is best for your project, you may need to consider whether to use a standard or watertight manhole ring.

What are manhole rings used for?
Manhole rings are used to provide safe access to sewer and drainage systems. They come in a range of sizes and materials. Typically, a pre-cast concrete ring is installed when construction goes deeper than 1m.   

What are the advantages of using a concrete manhole ring?
In contrast, plastic is considered easier to install due to its lightweight material. The main advantage though is the connection pieces for the pipes. These are welded to the body of the shaft. A manhole shaft made of plastic must be specially secured.

Why choose a watertight concrete manhole ring?
With a watertight manhole, no concrete surround is required as it is a complete watertight chamber. It is therefore considered a more cost effective solution simply because less work is required in terms of the installation of the concrete surround.   

Our concrete manhole rings
We provide a wide range of concrete manhole rings in various sizes to suit your application. Our watertight manhole rings are designed to suit our BSI Kitemarked Perfect Base System. Using a rubber seal and spigot and socket joint, our wide wall manhole rings achieve water tightness without the need of a concrete surround as per BS EN 1917. All Watertight Manhole Rings are manufactured with spherical lifting eyes cast in.  


• No concrete surround required 

• Fast & safe installation 

• More cost effective than traditional methods 

• Complete watertight chamber 

• Lifting anchors for simple handling 

• More environmentally friendly 

• 0.5 Barr pressure joint 

• Seal meets or exceeds requirements of EN 1917 regarding load transfer

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