How long does a soakaway last?

How long does a soakaway last?

Are you considering having a soakaway system? Wondering how long your investment will last? We have all the information you may need! 

What is a soakaway? 

A soakaway is a drainage system that allows water to discharge and percolate back into the surrounding soil. They work well in areas where it would be difficult for water to drain off directly into the ground. The soakaway provides a slow effective discharging method, which stops the pooling and puddling of water and also helps prevent flooding. Essentially they are a way of disposing of surplus water slowly. 

Soakaways are an expensive investment and it’s important to know how long they’ll last you.

How long should it last?

Soakaways should last the life of the house, at least 100 years but only if installed and maintained correctly. It’s impossible to say for sure how long a soakaway will last before sludge and waste products hinder the efficient draining of the wastewater, but the better the level of servicing, the longer it’s going to work. Poor maintenance is the biggest reason why soakaways fail – so as long as you look after it you will continue to reap the rewards. 

Soakaways should also be used with a filter such as a catchpit chamber to prevent blockages – this will also prolong their life span. 

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