Benefit from funding for a rainwater harvesting system

Benefit from funding for a rainwater harvesting system

The Farming Investment Fund (FIF) applications opened last week, with millions of investment for farmers available, and the good news is that it covers rainwater harvesting equipment, which we stock!

What does the FIF grant cover? 

With the government phasing out direct payments to farmers, the FIF will produce £27m of grants to pay for infrastructure and equipment in order to improve efficiency and help the environment. 

This will replace the Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme that paid out £12,000 to each application. Farmers will be able to claim up to £25,000 in the first application window of the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund; you can apply for a total of £50,000 over the scheme’s duration. For example, if there were two rounds you could apply for £25,000 in each round. As well as the minimum grant value reducing to £2,000

There are 119 items on the list compared with the 87 previously – which includes slurry separators, direct drills, slurry application equipment and rainwater harvesting equipment; many of these additional items are now aimed at the forestry and horticulture sectors - a change from previous schemes. 

Each piece of equipment carries a set price, so the farmer will be paid the amount set regardless of what it costs them to buy. For example, those purchasing rainwater harvesting tanks will be given £939 for tanks of a minimum size of 5,000 litres and £3,678 for tanks of 50,000 litres or more. 

The total fund will be shared with a second strand – the Farming Transformation Fund – which will cover more substantial technology. Initially focusing on water management, with grants available to improve water use on farms e.g. crop irrigation and constructing on-farm reservoirs. 

Rainwater harvesting tanks

Rainwater harvesting grants are eligible for this grant if the below conditions are met, as stated in the eligible items section of the FIF manual

Eligible tanks must:

  • have a minimum capacity of 5,000 litres for lower grant or 50,000 litres for higher amount
  • be an above ground tank
  • have a two stage pre-filter for removing debris and soil from water before entering the storage tank
  • have an electric pump to distribute water to required
  • have a UV filter capable of treating at least 30 litres per minute @30 mJ/cm² or above. The UV filter must include auto shut off in case of power or bulb failure, to prevent untreated water from leaving the system.

How can we help you?

We provide rainwater harvesting tanks up to a massive 2,000,000 litres capacity, so whatever your application we’ve got you covered! We can also supply all the filters and pumps that you need to be eligible for the grant. If you speak to one of our experts they’ll be able to come up with a solution that works for you and allows you to get the grant money. 

Who is eligible?

Farmers, horticulturalists, forestry owners and contractors to the industry are eligible to apply.

When is the deadline?

The initial deadline for this is 12 January 2022 and the deadline to complete applications is 30 June 2022.

Give us a call on 0121 351 3230 to order yours and get in before the deadline.