Twinwall Pipe

Twinwall pipe used to keep raft afloat for charity

There’s so many things you can do with twinwall pipe, from land drainage to fitness obstacle courses to a river raft run. And that’s exactly what Kevin Wilkes and his team did to raise money for Cancer Research and the Air Ambulance. Using our our sturdy twinwall pipe, they created a seaworthy raft. Their challenge was to build a handmade [...]

Top 5 Fun Uses of Our Pipes

Most people use our pipes for drainage purposes but you’d be surprised at the number of different uses it has. Here’s just a few fun examples of how our HDPE twinwall and galvanised steel has been put to use by our customers: 1. Assault courses In the last few years demand for our HDPE twinwall pipe for use on assault courses has increased [...]

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