Stormwater Attenuation

How Do Attenuation Tanks Work

Stormwater attenuation tanks are ideal if you’re looking for a bespoke and cost-effective solution to control the flow of water back to a watercourse or drainage system. They are commonly used for larger commercial applications. What is an Attenuation Tank? Stormwater attenuation tanks provide a storage system for rainwater & surface water. The stored water inside the attenuation tank is released [...]

How Do Soakaway Crates Work?

Stormwater Crates are essentially plastic modular water cells and work in a similar way to a natural soakaway – they are perfect for groundwater infiltration. Why are they popular? Used in both commercial and domestic projects, they provide you with a simple, cost-effective and easy to install solution to control surface water and prevent flooding. Their popularity is increasing due to [...]

How Many Soakaway Crates Do I Need?

When determining the number of crates you need to use for a soakaway crate system you need to take into account the many variables. Here’s a guide to the things to consider. Variables you need to consider How many soakaway crates you need will depend on variables such as space available, soil type and incoming/outward flow rate. A groundworker or installer can [...]

Cotterill Civils Soakaway Crates

How to Install Soakaway Crates?

Soakaway crate systems play a vital role in preventing flooding by maintaining water levels in your drains. When it comes to their installation, we have put together a guide below for smaller soakaway systems. In the case of larger soakaway systems, you will need the assistance of specialist installers, such as ourselves. What are Soakaway Crates? Water can build up in your [...]

How to carry out a Percolation Test for a Soakaway?

When deciding whether you need to install a soakaway for your septic tank, sewage treatment or soakaway crates system, you will need to undertake a percolation test. What is a percolation test? A percolation test is the last of three mandatory tests used to determine if a new or replacement soakaway can be installed. You will first need to undertake a [...]

How to incorporate SuDS into new developments?

We’ve seen record levels of rainfall over the last month and with it our sewer and drainage systems have come under immense pressure. You may have noticed the build up of puddles in car parks and roads or in worst case scenarios flooding, causing misery for many. Such extreme weather has once again highlighted the growing importance of Sustainable [...]

Installation of an attenuation lagoon for Aston Villa’s Training Ground

We’ve extensive experience in installing stormwater attenuation solutions for our clients. These range from stormwater crates to soakaway solutions. Here’s an example of a recent project we undertook to install an attenuation lagoon for a high profile project. The Challenge O’Brien Contractors, the multi-award-winning civil engineering and groundwork contractor, had been appointed to work on the latest phase of Aston Villa’s [...]

Installation of stormwater attenuation solution at Bournville RFC

Stormwater management has become an increasing issue for developers. With every new development, they now need to ensure they have systems in place to control the quantity of runoff and water quality. We’re one of the UK’s leading specialists when it comes to managing stormwater. We can design and install a stormwater attenuation solution to meet your specific needs and budget. Here’s an example of a [...]

What is Stormwater Attenuation & Why Do You Need It?

There’s no question about it – the weather is taking a turn for the worse. In recent years severe storms and flooding have become commonplace, and even if they hadn’t, winter is just around the corner – with floodwaters threatening potential long-term damage to buildings and infrastructure. So how can you protect yourself from the damage and chaos caused by [...]

A fantastic show at the RWM 2017

This year we attended the Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition (RWM) on 12th – 14th September. The exhibition connects innovators and influencers with businesses, public sector bodies, governments and not for profits to deliver solutions that are both environmentally sound and profitable. Our Focus At the event, we exhibited our new environmental solution, EnviroPad®, a better and more cost-effective way to manage oil spillages. [...]

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