Sewage Treatment Solutions

What could go wrong with your sewage treatment solution?

Your sewage treatment system is a big investment so you want to ensure you get the right system and that it will last. Especially when you consider that the following horrors could await… 1. £100,000 fine if your system is not compliant With new rules on the way – all sewage effluent discharges are subject to Environment Agency (EA) general binding [...]

How to undertake a Trial Site Assessment Hole?

The first test that you should carry out when considering installing a septic tank or soakaway is the trial site assessment hole (TSAH). Whilst many believe they need to do a percolation test first, this is in fact pointless because if the TSAH test fails you will not be allowed to install a soakaway regardless. What is a Trial Site [...]

How to establish if you are in a groundwater source protection zone?

Looking to install a soakaway or septic tank? Then one of the things you will need to consider is how close you are to groundwater sources and whether you are in a groundwater protection zone. If you find you are within one of these zones, you may be refused the right to install. What is a groundwater protection zone? With the population [...]

How to carry out a Percolation Test for a Soakaway?

When deciding whether you need to install a soakaway for your septic tank, sewage treatment or soakaway crates system, you will need to undertake a percolation test. What is a percolation test? A percolation test is the last of three mandatory tests used to determine if a new or replacement soakaway can be installed. You will first need to undertake a [...]

How to size a drainage field for a Septic Tank?

When it comes to sizing a drainage field for the disposal of effluent from a septic tank or a small wastewater treatment system, it’s vital you get it right. Here’s our guide to what you need to do… What is a Drainage Field? Often referred to as septic drain fields or soakaways, these fields are an essential component of a septic [...]

New septic tanks regulations are coming into force soon – does this affect your tank?

New regulations regarding septic tanks come into force at the start of next year. Could this affect your tank? The regulation and its impact The regulation states that if you have a septic tank which discharges directly to surface water, such as a river, you will need to replace or upgrade the sewage treatment system by 1st January 2020, or if [...]

Farm Business Innovation Show (7th-8th November)

Last week we exhibited at the Farm Business Innovation Show at the NEC and it was a huge success. Over the two days we met some fantastic people and gained a real insight into what people want to achieve with their businesses and how we could help them to diversify. There was a lot of interest in many of our [...]

New change in legislation could positively impact your business

Currently, weddings have to take place under solid structures, meaning marriages in gardens, on farms and under marquees are prohibited, but this could all change. Soon the 180 year old law that stops people marrying outside could be overturned, as it already is in Scotland. With the cost of weddings rising, the average wedding now costs over £30,000, with an [...]

5 ways to diversify in farming- Infographic

Next week, we’ll be exhibiting at the Farm Business Innovation Show, which focuses on how farms have successfully diversified. In preparation for the event, we thought we’d share just a few ways we can help you to boost your farm income: Download the PDF file . Please come and visit us at the Farm Business Innovation Show at the NEC in Birmingham [...]

Supply of a large commercial sewage treatment solution for a business park

We’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of sewage treatment solutions. Here’s an example of a large commercial sewage treatment plant we supplied for Eckland Lodge Business Park. The Challenge Established for over 20 years, Eckland Lodge is a family-run business park situated in a beautiful rural setting on the Leicestershire/Northamptonshire border. The business park boasts a mix of modern [...]

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