Land Drainage

Which to use – land drainage coil or twinwall pipe?

So you’re looking to prevent a sports field from being water-logged or perhaps you’re thinking of increasing your crop yields BUT you’re unsure which land drainage product to install. Should you use land drainage coil or twinwall pipe? We’re asked this question a lot. As both products are used to prevent the build-up of excess water, it can sometimes be [...]

What is the future of land drainage?

Land drainage has played an important part in farming for many centuries. But what does the future hold for this practice? With significant change set for the UK in the form of Brexit and climate change, we recently asked industry expert, Rob Burtonshaw from Farm Services Ltd, what he thought the future held for land drainage and this was his reply… Land [...]

Top 5 Fun Uses of Our Pipes

Most people use our pipes for drainage purposes but you’d be surprised at the number of different uses it has. Here’s just a few fun examples of how our HDPE twinwall and galvanised steel has been put to use by our customers: 1. Assault courses In the last few years demand for our HDPE twinwall pipe for use on assault courses has increased [...]

Top tips for Mole Draining

After an exceptionally hot summer, this winter is set to be the coldest and harshest in a decade (according to long-range forecasters). But how will your land drainage system fare if we get a lot of rain? If you’re looking to prevent water-logged fields, now’s the ideal time to ensure your field-drainage system is in tip top condition. A very effective way to ensure this is by undertaking [...]

Why is land drainage so important (infographic)

The demand for land drainage is at its highest in twenty years as old clay systems fail, extreme rainfall is more common and farmers are under increased pressure to be more productive. Post-harvest is also one of the busiest times for land drainage as farmers take full advantage of their fields being bare. As one of the leading suppliers of land drainage [...]

Top tips for installing a culvert pipe

If you’re thinking of installing a culvert pipe across a watercourse to enable a vehicle to safely drive across it, here’s some useful tips on the things you should consider. What is a culvert pipe? A culvert is an economical and effective way of passing a running water course under a physical obstacle such as a roadway, railway, hill or even [...]

Top 5 tips for maintaining land drainage

This year’s extreme weather has highlighted the importance of ensuring your land drainage system works well. After all, having a well drained field can make the difference to whether you produce a good or bad crop. Keeping on top of the maintenance of your land drainage system is vital to its longevity. Here’s our top tips on land drainage maintenance: 1. Check water course is clear [...]

Increase in old drainage systems failing

Just like you can’t help but notice the number of new potholes that have appeared on our roads recently, we’ve seen a real surge in land drainage systems failing. So what’s been happening? Reports from the drainage community Twitter is a great way to keep up-to-date with the UK land drainage and farming community and it has been inundated with images of wet fields [...]

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