Inspection chambers

Which style of Inspection Chamber is best – Plastic or Concrete?

When it comes to selecting which style of inspection chamber is best for your drainage system there are a number of variables to consider. Here’s a useful guide to help you decide between plastic and concrete. What do you need to consider when selecting an inspection chamber? Your choice of inspection chamber is dependent on the diameter and depth of the [...]

A Beginners Guide to Catchpits

Catchpits play an important role in preventing blockages and water contamination in drainage systems. Without them water could back up in your drainage systems and cause localised flooding. Here’s our mini guide to how catchpits work. What is a Catchpit? A catchpit is an empty chamber that is installed into a drainage system to prevent silt and debris from building up and [...]

Inspection Chambers – What are your options?

An inspection chamber is an integral part of your underground drainage system. The chamber provides easy access for tests and inspections, as well as cleaning and clearing. For some people, choosing an inspection chamber is a daunting concept, however, this needn’t be the case. At Cotterill Civils we are always on hand to provide you with any relevant information that [...]

Inspection Chambers & Manhole Covers from Cotterill Civils

A beginners guide to Inspection Chambers

So you know you need to install an inspection chamber but you have a few questions, such as what’s its actual purpose and what’s the difference between adoptable and non-adoptable inspection chambers. To bring you up to speed, we’ve put together this useful guide. What is an Inspection Chamber? An inspection chamber, which is commonly known as a manhole cover, is integral to [...]

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