Which to use – land drainage coil or twinwall pipe?

So you’re looking to prevent a sports field from being water-logged or perhaps you’re thinking of increasing your crop yields BUT you’re unsure which land drainage product to install. Should you use land drainage coil or twinwall pipe? We’re asked this question a lot. As both products are used to prevent the build-up of excess water, it can sometimes be [...]

How to minimise the impact of a potential water shortage?

After a record-breaking Easter with temperatures hitting an unseasonal 25C in some parts of the UK, there are growing concerns over the continued lack of significant rain and low river flows. According to a recent survey by the NFU, some farmers are putting in place measures to minimise the impact of another potential dry summer. Cumulative rainfall totals during April [...]

What is the future of land drainage?

Land drainage has played an important part in farming for many centuries. But what does the future hold for this practice? With significant change set for the UK in the form of Brexit and climate change, we recently asked industry expert, Rob Burtonshaw from Farm Services Ltd, what he thought the future held for land drainage and this was his reply… Land [...]

Beginners guide to linear drainage systems (incl. slot drains & channel drains)

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between channel drainage, slot drain or linear drain or if they’re just one and the same, you’re not alone. Here’s a useful guide to the different types of surface water management systems available. What is Surface Water Management and Linear Drainage Systems? Surface water management is the process of managing the course water [...]

Harvesting rainwater from a rooftop

Climate Change: How will this affect water consumption

The Environment Agency recently reported that within 25 years England won’t have enough water to meet the rising demand. That’s a scary thought. But how can we, as individuals, businesses or farmers, consume less water and use it more efficiently? Why will water shortage become a problem? The impact of climate change, combined with population growth, means the country is facing an [...]

Valentine’s Day – How we care about our customers

On this Valentine’s Day, we’d like to share with you how we care… Customers are at the core of our business. After all, without you, we wouldn’t be here. When it comes to our customers, we focus on giving you the best experience whenever possible. Our core values are centred around you. We offer great value and can be trusted to ensure [...]

New septic tanks regulations are coming into force in 12 months time – does this affect your tank?

In 12 months time new regulation regarding septic tanks comes into force. Could this affect your tank? The regulation and its impact The regulation states that if you have a septic tank which discharges directly to surface water, such as a river, you will need to replace or upgrade the sewage treatment system by 1st January 2020, or if you sell [...]