Author - Cotterill Civils

Why is land drainage so important (infographic)

The demand for land drainage is at its highest in twenty years as old clay systems fail, extreme rainfall is more common and farmers are under increased pressure to be more productive. Post-harvest is also one of the busiest times for land drainage as farmers take full advantage of their fields being bare. As one of the leading suppliers of land drainage [...]

We are now officially an Achilles accredited supplier

We are pleased to announce that we have recently been audited by supply chain solutions specialist Achilles and have passed with flying colours. This means we are now an Achilles BuildingConfidence approved supplier for the UK construction industry. The Achilles Building Confidence service is a supplier accreditation service for the UK construction industry.  In short, Achilles makes doing business easier for everyone by creating a single process where [...]

Heatwave drives sales of water storage tanks

Over the last couple of months we’ve seen the demand for our plastic HDPE water storage tanks more than double due to the continued heatwave. And with the Met Office reporting that temperatures are likely to stay above average until October, we’re not expecting to see a slowdown in sales anytime soon. Record demand for rainwater harvesting solutions This summer we’ve seen record temperatures across the UK with many comparing [...]

What can your farm or business do to conserve water ready for a drought?

With the first hosepipe ban of the summer introduced in England today and a warning from environmental specialists that water shortages will become more common in the future, we will all need to do more to conserve water. United Utilities announced the first hosepipe ban for England today, following the recent hosepipe ban in Northern Ireland and what is believed [...]

Top tips for installing a culvert pipe

If you’re thinking of installing a culvert pipe across a watercourse to enable a vehicle to safely drive across it, here’s some useful tips on the things you should consider. What is a culvert pipe? A culvert is an economical and effective way of passing a running water course under a physical obstacle such as a roadway, railway, hill or even [...]

Installation of stormwater attenuation solution at Bournville RFC

Stormwater management has become an increasing issue for developers. With every new development, they now need to ensure they have systems in place to control the quantity of runoff and water quality. We’re one of the UK’s leading specialists when it comes to managing stormwater. We can design and install a stormwater attenuation solution to meet your specific needs and budget. Here’s an example of a [...]

Top 5 tips for maintaining land drainage

This year’s extreme weather has highlighted the importance of ensuring your land drainage system works well. After all, having a well drained field can make the difference to whether you produce a good or bad crop. Keeping on top of the maintenance of your land drainage system is vital to its longevity. Here’s our top tips on land drainage maintenance: 1. Check water course is clear [...]

A beginners guide to inspection chambers

So you know you need to install an inspection chamber but you have a few questions, such as what’s its actual purpose and what’s the difference between adoptable and non-adoptable inspection chambers. To bring you up to speed, we’ve put together this useful guide. What is an inspection chamber? An inspection chamber, which is commonly known as a manhole cover, is integral to [...]

How can farmers improve their productivity ready for Brexit?

Farmers were recently warned by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) that they need to improve their productivity ready for Brexit. But why is productivity so important now and how can you as a farmer increase your output? Cotterill Civils has the answer for you. Why do farmers need to improve their productivity ready for Brexit? With EU subsidies set to [...]