30 January 2015
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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting


  • Do you have annual water bills over £1500.00?
  • Do you pay over £1.50 per m3 ?
  • Do you have at least 1500m² of roof area?
  • Is all of this roof area collectable at one point which is uncontaminated by yard / surface water? 
  • Is most of your water used for livestock, crop spraying or washdown areas?
  • Are you prepared to follow our free installation guide?



If the answer to the questions above is YES...you can now relax!


I have the expert knowledge to end your ever increasing water bills.


Explore the benefits of harvesting FREE rainwater 

 Rainwater Harvesting Savings

Cotterill Civils Blog 

Author: Andrew Cotterill 

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