26 January 2015
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Water Tanks

Potable and Non-potable Water Tanks

water tanks

Water Storage Solutions from Cotterill Civils

We keep Horizontal and vertical water tanks for storing potable or non potable water, and supply the following sizes:

240 litres 400 litres 500 litres 600 litres 720 litres
800 litres 1200 litres 1250 litres 2500 litres 3000 litres
4000 litres 5500 litres 6100 litres 7000 litres 8500 litres
9500 litres 12,500 litres 13,000 litres 16,000 litres 20,000 litres 22,000 litres 25,000 litres 30,000 litres   


Our tanks are available in various colours to suit your requirements: green, grey, black or blue

 Looking for large water tanks up to 2,000,000 Litres? Click here 

We have supplied many water tanks into the following applications:

  • Dairy Farms for storing drinking water and parlor wash down water
  • Poultry farms for drinking water and wash down
  • Other livestock farms for drinking water, molasses storage and power wash water
  • Arable farms for crop spraying water, green house irrigation water storage
  • Golf course irrigation water
  • Music festival sites for potable drinking water storage

25,000 Litre water tank

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